Beat the Rain during Removal by Following Some Handy Packing Hacks

It is for sure that interstate shifting is much more chaotic than local removal. It is because in the former case, the shifting needs to be done at several miles away from the current location. It takes into count several factors like the weather, road conditions, traffic and the mechanical failures if any. The interstate relocation can take a day or two. Apart from this, the shifting needs to be done in a single lot to ensure that the removing remains affordable.

The professionals make sure that the shifting remains smooth irrespective of the location where the relocation is going to be done. However, to add to the worries, the shifting becomes more of a challenge during the rains. It is evident that the process of removals from Warwick is not going to put a smile on the face when the day is not sunny.

The following are some of the things that need to be followed to ensure that the shifting is completed without causing any damage to the household items like the fragile objects, furniture etc, especially on rainy days.

Packing Tips for Different Items

packing tips

Ensuring that your belongings are safe during the rains is always the top priority for the owners. The packaging must be such that even the items that are prone to water damage are secured in the most efficient ways. The following are the packaging tips for the different items for the house-

1. Start with Checking the Weather Forecast

Well, the very first thing you should do after finalising some of the tentative dates for removal is to check the weather forecasts. If it says that it is going to pour on the same day, it’s better to go for the alternative dates. However, the risk will always be there as you cannot control the nature. Weather forecast may declare your safety but still you should take the necessary precautions.

2. Electrical Appliances

For the electrical appliances, even a bit of water is enough to damage it. Therefore, securing the electrical appliances with proper plastic wrapping, leaving no space for the water to enter is the best process to secure those. It provides the maximum protection.

3. Safeguarding the Furniture

Wood is very much subtle when exposed to rainwater. The rainwater can severely affect your valuable furniture and can make the surface of the wood to distort or warp. Therefore, the interstate removalists of Perth make sure that each of the furniture is appropriately wrapped in the plastic before loading on the truck.

4. Preserving the Artwork

How can one forget the items of decor? The paintings or the other forms of artworks must not be exposed to the water. Apart from safeguarding the artworks from the water, it is equally important to protect it from breakage due to a sudden drop. Therefore, the material for packaging of the artwork must be such that it not only protects the decor item from water but also breakage.

5. Protecting the Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes include some of the valuable items like the books, papers and documents. Upon getting wet, the cardboard starts to fall apart and exposing the containing items to water. Therefore, in such cases, it must be ensured that double security must be there.


Shifting during the rainy days is a job worth worrying. Rely on the professionals of Perth Cheap Movers for interstate removal as the professionals will perfectly guide you through the ‘rain challenge’ and remain by your side for hassle-free removal.

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