Moving in the Eleventh Hour? 4 Hacks to Make it Hassle-Free

While most of the people need a minimum time of one or two months, there are few people on the list who are bound to shift all of a sudden. They need to pack in the eleventh hour ensuring that none of their belongings is either broken or damaged. So, if you are going to move in the final hours, then have a look at the following write up that would help you to ensure that you have a hassle-free move along with proper packaging and sorting of items.

1. Donating or Disposing what is Least Necessary

donating unnecessary products

Well, you need to be ruthless in this case. The maximum of the products or the belongings that you are going to sort out as the waste will lessen the worries of your packing. It will also ensure that you would be taking the least time in packaging. You would also need the least number of packaging products to pack up the important products. Experts say that donating “not so important” stuff is one of the good moves instead of disposing or throwing away. The belongings can be of importance for the needy.

2. Seek Help

seek help from professionals

Friends, family members and of course the professional companies are always there to help you. Make your stand clear about the stuff you need to keep and the kinds of stuff you need not to. Ensure that the “to keep” pile does not make a heap. Make the ones who have come to provide their help in sorting the products.

Some professionals are always in the front during your removals in Joondalup. The professionals of the packing companies are proficient enough in packaging and would complete the work in no time with precision. All one has to do is to hire them after contacting.

3. Buy the Packaging Boxes at the Earliest

buy packaging boxes

In case of the last moment shifting, arranging the packaging materials would be little hectic. Therefore, instead of wasting time in making arrangements for the boxes and the cartons, it is recommended to buy some of them as per the need. Contacting the removalists will also help in such cases. They would provide the required materials for the packaging.

4. Start Packing as Soon as Possible


With the packaging boxes at your door and “to keep” kinds of stuff piled up; it is the time to start the packing as soon as possible. Ensure that you take the precaution to move the fragile and ordinary things. Large commodities need to have a particular arrangement for moving.

It is suggested to inform the packers and the movers about the types of items to be removed so that they come prepared accordingly. DIY packing in case of interstate removals in Perth is never advisable as the chances of commodity breakage and damage are increased.


It is evident that the eleventh-hour shifting is always going to be tough for the people. However, staying calm and proceeding in a planned and organised manner is always going to make the things simpler and easier for you. Expert help from the packing and removing company like that of Perth Cheap Movers is undoubtedly going to simplify the shifting.

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