Packing Fragile Glasses For Removal – What Are the Ground Rules?

If you are about to move house on the coming Australia Day and you are yet to finish up packing the glassware and dishware in your kitchen, you are late! Such household objects may seem easy to pack compared to that of your big wooden furniture or piano, but in reality, it demands immense precision to pack this stuff. These household objects are extremely fragile, and therefore, you need to know the exact rules to be followed to pack them in boxes accordingly at least 2-3 days before the move.

It’s high time for you to get started or ask for the help of professional removalists in Joondalup. However, it may prove to be quite surprising for you to know that the process of packing glassware is not similar to the other crockery and you ought to know that before you start putting those in the packing boxes.

Here are some ground rules that are required to be followed to pack the glassware.

Start Wrapping the Glasses

Wrapping the Glasses

It is always a wise decision to get started with the thing that takes the maximum time. In most households, glasses are available in different shapes and each of those needs to be separate. Therefore, packing the glasses first will surely be an ideal choice in this case.

Pick the Heaviest Glass at First

At the very early stage, you need to pick the heaviest glass in the first place. These glasses will go at the bottom of the box. So, choose to pack those first.

Glass Wrapping Process

The Process:

Step 1: Take a rectangular paper or towel.
Step 2: Place the glass at one corner of the rectangle and start rolling the glass diagonally until it reaches the end.
Step 3: Close up the extra section of the paper with tape and ensure that the glass is fully covered.

You can repeat the same process using a bubble wrap for added protection.

Wrap the Stems of the Stemmed Wine Glasses Separately

Wrapping Stemmed Wine Glasses

For the stemmed wine glasses, you can take an extra step by wrapping the stems and the body with separate pieces of packing papers. Remember that it is the most fragile piece of glass. Therefore, you can consider using two different layers of papers for it. Bubble wraps and towels will also be the ideal choices.

Don’t Forget To Fill the Empty Glass with Crumpled Papers

Fill Empty Glass with Crumpled Papers

One of the most crucial rules for packing the glasses is to fill it with crumpled papers. The papers you use for this purpose may not be the expensive papers, but the newspapers will also serve the same. The papers help in withstanding the jerks of lifting the boxes to the moving truck along with the road bumps.

Asking the PROFESSIONALS Will Be a Wise Decision

Ask Professionals for Packing Glasses

Well, there is nothing wrong in asking the professionals for a little hand in packing crockery and glassware. They know the exact rules of packing the glassware and also understand how it differs from the other types of packing. The professional of Perth Cheap Movers will be at your door for packing the glasses and even make sure all the empty spaces of the packing boxes are filled with extra bubble wraps or pieces of cloth so that the glasses do not crash during the moving process.