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We understand relocating is a stressful job as everyone wants to get the job done under specific time frame. We understand our customer needs and are very flexible to work around our customers schedule; we cause least disturbance and get the job done professionally but also respect your routine environment.

Whether it is full relocation or delivery of new furniture, we have all the required equipment to conduct a job in most appropriate manner. Please contact us for a quick quote or if you wish to have our representative to come out and speak to you in person.


$35/hour- UTE plus Driver.

We offer Ute with a driver for only $35 per hour to move your stuff from any destination within WA. We value our customers therefore are happy to do any smaller job to help them out.


$55/hour- 1.5 Tone Van plus Driver.

Van is a safe way to transport your goods around so that you do not have to worry about rain or getting your furniture damaged. Ideal for bed and mattress, table, sofa, couches, office desks and other small furniture.


$60 /hour- 2 Ton Van plus Driver.

If you are moving one room furniture or small office than it is perfect for that as it has plenty of space for the boxes and your main furniture.

HOT SELLER: $70/hour-2 Tone Van with a trailer 6X4, 1 meter height.2

Perfect for moving apartments or 2 room furniture, as it has plenty of space to fit 2 beds and mattresses with other furniture such as Chester draws etc.

On Special $70/hour- 3 Ton Truck plus Driver.

This is also suitable to move big apartment or 2 bedroom house unit furniture; it has plenty of space with high roof to fit in the fridge, washing machine, beds, toll boy, side table, coffee table, couch, dinning table and other boxes.


On Special $79/hour- 4-5 Ton Truck plus Driver plus additional professional staff.

Perfect to relocate furniture from one small house to another, it has all what you need to get the job done; we have professional equipment’s to take on any task. If you are unsure about your furniture then call us to discuss any time.


On special $89/hour- 6 Ton Truck with two additional professional staff.

If you have a lot of furniture to relocate then it is nothing to worry about, we have all the necessary equipment and staff to conduct the job for you. We are trained to get the tricky furniture out from your house and to get them where you need them to be. We are happy to come down at your premises and give you a free assessment of the job. Please call us if you are not sure about anything or you would like to discuss it with us, we are here to help you.

On special $99/hour- 8 Ton Truck with two additional professional staff.

Suitable for moving 4 Bed Room house full of furniture or Office full of furniture. Please call us to discuss

There is no booking or call out fees for vans and small trucks. We charge a once off booking and call out fees of $59 for 4-8 ton trucks and $39 for 3 ton truck.

We charge extra for stairs, lift, pool table, piano and marble table. Service fees of 10% will be applied on the final bill.  Please call to discuss further.

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