4 Tips to Help You Plan a Proper Downsize Move with Your Furniture

It isn’t always necessary that the new house you are relocating to would be of the same size as that of the present one. While living here, you may have purchased or customised furniture according to the size of the house and the requirement but is it possible that it would serve the same purpose lat your new house as well?  Well, none of these questions has a valid answer as unless you make intricate assessments while visiting the new home, you will not know how to place the furniture.

There are several who intend to downsize on purpose especially when the children are no longer a part of the house, and there is no need for a large house to live it. A house that is smaller in terms of space requires less maintenance, and it is easy to clean without having to put much of an effort. When it comes to relocation, the furniture is something that most of us pay attention to, and all that we own doesn’t always come to use at the new house when downsizing.

A downsizing move is something that requires a lot of planning, and the experts for removals in Perth have a major role to play in it. Here are a few tips that could help you well.

Plan to measure the area beforehand

Before you make the final move with all your belongings, you are to set aside a day when you are to go to the new house and analyse the placement of the furniture that you own and the ones that wouldn’t find any need there. You could take along a professional to help you with the measurements and the planning, and that is likely to help you know what to pick and what to discard when moving to your new house.

Put the unused furniture to good use

After you are done with the assessment, you get a fair idea of the furniture that you would require and the ones that you wouldn’t. You could put up a garage sale, ask your neighbours if they have a requirement or probably donate it to those who are in need of it. This way, you do not have to leave behind anything or carry the extra load during the relocation.

Think of the big furniture first

The big furniture often include dining tables, cabinets, cupboards, beds, etc., that are an essential part of any household. Consider moving them first and fitting them in the designated place in the house and then assessing whether there is room for more or that would be enough. This could let you make use of the smaller furniture at other rooms and use it to serve other purposes than what it used to serve in your present house.

Disassemble the furniture

Even when you speak to the removalists in Perth, they would want you to disassemble the furniture as it is easy to move. Moving large and heavy furniture is something that would not just break the back, cause injury but also damage walls and floors both at your old house and new. Dismantling them here and fixing them there would allow you to not just keep things safe but also make you plan the unpacking and the settling down process easy.

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