Got A Question?

The duration of your move will be based on the size of your house/office premise, the no. of items you wish to relocate and the ease of accessibility to your premise. Other aspects like having to park 10 feet away due to no vacant parking space near your property or one common elevator which everyone uses can also determine the duration of your move.

This honestly depends on the size of your relocation project and what you have included in your move quote. Depending on that; we will dispatch the right sized truck and no of movers who can handle the move smoothly, quickly and safely.

Yes; you most certainly can move on weekends. In fact; our removalists are very flexible and will easily come over to your location on your specific day and time of convenience.

Yes, we do. In fact, we have all the correct tools, knowledge and prior experience on relocating aquariums safely without causing any damage to it.

If you have a dog, then we suggest you mention that in your move quote so that our movers can bring a pet carrier along with the rest of the items and equipment needed for your home move.

The best way to answer this would be as fast as possible. Ideally; we will try to reach your location within 30-45 minutes (max).


Our removal team will help you declutter, organise and even set up your items at your new place, provided you mention this in your move quote. It is very crucial that you be clear about everything you want from us so that we have ample time to arrange for the equipment and men to help you best.