A Quick Guide to Picking the Right Packing Material

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So you have made all possible plans for relocation and have ensured that you are ready to move to a new abode? There are no bounds to the excitement but with that comes the stress of moving your belongings safely to the new abode.

It is next to impossible for you to handle all of it single-handedly even if you have your family members coming to your aid. You are to hire professionals who would ensure that your belongings are cared for and moved with ease without misplacing or damaging them. While you hire them, you are to enjoy numerous perks and here are a few.

  • You get to save time to take care of other commitments that usually crop up while relocating.
  • You get to witness professional services where each of your belongings is placed in the right place while packing them with care.
  • They ensure that each box is demarcated for you to identify its contents while unpacking
  • You save money compared to the times when you plan to relocate yourself as you end up spending more on packing material, transportation and labour costs.

The choice of packing material

Believe it or not, the packing material that is put to use by the professionals for removals in Perth are something different from what you may have arranged for. While they take special care in ensuring that your belongings are safe, they make sure the right aid is put to use that would ensure the safety. When spoken to relocation specialists, they came up with a list of packing material that they put to use and also explained the uses of each of it.

  • Cardboard Boxes – These are known to be one of the lightest packing boxes when compared with the ones made of aluminium, steel or probably wood where once loading with belongings, it tends to get heavy for it to be moved, hauled and unloaded. Cardboard boxes are lightweight and are known to hold a lot of things in them without having to give way or probably make it heavy to carry around. There are varied sizes for these boxes and depending on the type of belongings that would go in it, you get to make a choice.
  • Bubble Wraps – These are sheets with air trapped in between them and that forms a cushion for all that is wrapped with it. If by any chance a particular item is dropped on the floor or is bumped into a hard surface, it stays safe as the air bubbles prevent it from damage. Crockery, Glass items, small electrical appliances, etc. can be wrapped with the bubble wraps to ensure that they are moved safely. It isn’t safe for paintings or canvas as it may capture moisture in them thus damaging the contents.
  • Packing peanuts – These are small peanut shaped polystyrene pieces that are often placed in a boxful of small items that need careful handling. These packing peanuts prevent friction or damage to the belongings during movement or transportation. Depending on the probably of the movement of the boxes do the professionals add these peanuts.
  • Foam – While looking out for the foam to pack belongings, you are to come across numerous sizes. Most often, it is suggested by Osborne Park movers to purchase a large roll of foam that can be put to use in multiple ways. Right from packing expensive painting, canvas, appliances to furniture, it can be put to use everywhere while packing your belongings for relocation. As foam is porous, there is considered to be safe when used to protect items and keep it safe from damage.