Are You Relocating? Help Children to Cope With the Transition Phase

Be it now or later, many families opt for moving, and this could be a disruptive experience for both the child and parent. Hence, kids need special attention during such transition phase. Here in this content, you will find few tips to make your moving stress free for everyone involved in the moving process.

Carry the Decision of Moving With Positivity

Many kids are dependent on the everyday routine they are familiar with. Hence, before you move, weigh the benefits of moving, against the facilities you and your family members use to get from the old place. Be it staying comfortable with surroundings, school or social life of your children; you have to talk to them to make them comfortable with the changes they are going to face.

move with positivity

Sometimes the decision of moving will not be in your favour, for say, sudden job transfer or sometimes the financial issues may cause you to relocate. However, you have to maintain the positive attitude throughout and prepare your kids mentally that they are going to have a good time altogether.

Discuss With Your Kids

No matter what your circumstances are, always stay a step ahead while making kids aware of necessary information and possible outcomes they are going to face.

Since the beginning, make your child aware of the how all the moving process will take place. Answer to their questions and deal with positive-negative reactions to remove the fear they possess about moving.

discuss with kids

While looking for a new destination, involve your kids to help you in choosing a home, as if they are searching for their new school. It will make them feel like they are participating in a house-hunting game, instead of a forceful introduction to a new place.

How to Prepare Children for Moving?

Kids aging less than 6 are easier to move, as they have the limited capacity to understand the changes going around. Children above 6 need guidance and there are few things you can do to make transitions easy for them-

  • Take a storytelling approach to make them aware of what packers and movers in Perth do for your relocation and how to co-operate with them.
  • When you or the packers pack the items, ask them not to throw the things away.
  • While packing the furnishing items, take your kid’s old bedroom furniture to your new house.
  • If possible for you, arrange a babysitter or take responsibility to keep your children away from the loading/unloading site for shipping items.

In case you are moving with school going children or teens, it’s important to choose the right time for the move. According to the experts, choosing the summer season is the right time to avoid any disruption in the school year. Even, teens don’t like to change a place, when they have invested so much of time to make social/study groups. To avoid any such nuisance related to school opening or closing days, gather information beforehand and plan relocation with removals in Warwick. Hear your child’s concern and give them some positive suggestion on how moving now can provide them with a rehearsal to some future changes.

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