Before the Movers Arrive, Here’s 7 Things You Should Do

With all the excitement that comes with finding your next home, it’s very easy to forget something in the process. Moving everything from your old to the new house isn’t a cakewalk at all, but if you hire professional Warwick movers, the process will be much more straightforward. But before the removalists arrive at your new house, there are certain things that you need to remember.

Connect your utilities

You need to organise your telephone, internet, gas, water, etc. before moving into your new house. As soon as you get your move in date, contact the utility companies to ensure that everything is in your name and will be available once you move in. The last thing you will want in your new house is a fridge full of food but no electricity to turn it on.

Eliminate pests

Before moving in, it’s imperative to have a pest inspection done at your new home. This will ensure that there are no unwanted guests in your house. Make sure to do this at least a week before moving in.

Test all the smoke alarms

Before moving in, make sure to check each and every smoke detector. If you find that if even one of them is faulty, make sure to fix it prior to moving. Also, ensure that there is a fire extinguisher on each floor of the house.


Needless to say, the easiest time to clean your house will be before your furniture arrives. If your new place has been vacant for a while, you will obviously want to eliminate all the dirt from your property.

Locate your mains

You never know when you might need to switch off the electricity and water manually which is why you must be aware of all the mains in your house.

Change your keys

If you have just purchased a new house, it’s important that you change all the locks on the doors. Even if you have received a set of locks from the real estate agent, you never know many keys to the locks they might have made.

Update your address

This is crucial as you don’t want to miss out on bills which will invariably lead to overdue payments as the chances are that they were sent to your old address. Make it a point to change your address with your licence, banks, car registration, post office, etc.

But all these things will come into account once you hire reputed packers and movers in Perth. Once they are done with packing, only then you should think about your new house.