Common Problems in Moving and How Removalists in Landsdale Avoid Them

Facing problems during relocation is quite common since the process itself can become quite complicated. The homeowner has to complete all the pre-work such as making checklists, notifying the service providers of essentials such power and water about the change of address, etc. The removalists, on the other hand, have to inspect the places first and then develop a good plan so that they can complete the job easily. So, basically both way efforts are needed to make the task a success. But since a lot of steps are involved, a few mistakes can lead to lots of problems that a removalist in Landsdale has to fix.

And here, we will discuss them in detail.

Problem 1

Items Go Missing

This is a common problem that can be noticed in relocations. The reason behind this problem is tight schedules and inattentiveness during the relocation by many movers. If they do not have a proper plan or if they are in a hurry to complete the job, they might leave one or two packed boxes behind. So, removalists will need to make sure that they are packing all the items before transportation can take place.


Reputed removalists always double-check everything before transporting them to the new location. They go through their checklists and if they find that something is mixing, they will search the location again and if possible they will open a few small boxes to see if they have packed it elsewhere taking into account that the item is small.

After arriving in the location if they find that one or two things are missing after unpacking everything, the removalist will come back to the old location to search for it. However, only well-known removalists will do this.

Problem 2

Items getting damaged

This problem, though common, can prove to be costly. The reason behind this is the carelessness of the personnel doing the removal job and another reason is not using the proper packing material. Since during the transport the packed items face bumps and small collisions, they break. To avoid this problem the removalists need to take the proper measures.


As mentioned already, the usage of proper packing problems will help in mitigating this problem. While packing bubble wraps will have to be used along with the right speciality boxes for the different types of items.

To cover the gaps inside the boxes, the reputed removalist in Aveley with prior experience will use foam and will cover the small items with newspapers or brown papers.

Problem 3


Though this not a common problem, it needs a mention because this problem has been noticed by many. After unpacking the items in the new place, bugs and other insects can be noticed sometimes.


Well-known removalists will always inspect your current location for pests or will recommend you to get it inspected along with the new place before moving. This will reduce the possibilities of pest infestations that can damage your furniture and other items.

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