Helpful Tips to Move a Pricey Vase Safely During House Removals

Moving a house has its own set of challenges and when you have a precious vase to deport, the risk and stress become double. That’s because vases are fragile and difficult to move which is why careful packing and handling is a must. A slight mishandling or carelessness can break your treasured possession and make you repent for a lifetime.

If you are close to your move-out date and having sleepless nights thinking about how to deport your vase safely to the new destination, here are some helpful tips for you that can ease your worries for good.

Things to Do Before You Begin

Organise Your Workplace

This is an essential requisite not just for packing vases but any other fragile item. Get to know how you should prepare your workplace:

✍ Select a particular place at your home where you will be stacking the packed items.

✍ Choose the order by which you will be packing the fragile goods for safe and hassle-free removals.

✍ Get hold of boxes of varied shapes, nature and sizes and label them including the one in which you are going to secure your vase.

✍ When stacking packed boxes in a separately allocated space in your room you would be working, begin with the heavy items from the bottom. This will determine the order in which you are going to pack your belongings.

Seek Assistance from Professional Removalists

A little help goes a long way in making relocation fuss-free and successful. Do a thorough research and hire a professional removalist in Cottesloe who have years of experience in packing fragile goods and can help you move your pricey vase safely.

Basic Tools You Need

Before you begin packing your vase, make sure you equip yourself with these basic tools and materials:

✨ A suitable sized box preferably double-walled.

✨ Sufficient amount of bubble wraps.

✨ A roller tape.

✨ Good quality packing paper.

✨ Adhesives.

✨ A marker.

Helpful Tips to Pack a Vase Quickly & Efficiently

  • Prepare Your Box: For packing fragile items such as small lamps, vases or any china item, you must choose small to medium-sized boxes. Stuffing your vase in a large box along with other fragile goods is never a wise choice. Professional removalist in Guildford always recommends using high-quality double-walled boxes for top-notch security and protection.
  • Tape The Box Properly: To make sure your vase withstands the heavy shocks or jerks during transit, it’s better to tape the base of the box two-three times in “X” or “L” shape. How you are going to tape the box depends upon the nature and fragility of the items but if you aren’t sure how to go about with it, seek help from expert removalists for better guidance.
  • Use Sufficient Bubble Wraps: Bubble wraps are meant to protect fragile goods and sensitive items and the same is applicable for your vase too. Air infilled bubbles act as a cushioning and safeguard your items from damage and breakage. You can even use quality packing paper as the first line of defence and then pack your vase with bubble wraps and tape it for added protection.
  • Label Your Box Containing Vase: To ensure you don’t get lost while unpacking your items, mark each box and describe it’s contents. Boxes with proper labelling can save your time and effort during unpacking and also act as a guide while loading them into moving trucks. You will find it easier to place them in between other items for good support throughout the transit.

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