How Furniture Removalists Move Heavy Items With Care?

Furniture removalists move heavy items carefully so that they are not damaged. And to do so, they follow different procedures, and today, we will be taking a look at them here. In Perth, many removalists are providing moving of the heavy items and if you are based here and planning to relocate, go through the points to see how they move the furniture.

  • Two is Better than One

Generally, cabinets or shelves that are larger and heavier can be difficult to carry, and hence, expert furniture movers in Perth work in two to lift them up and put them in the transport truck. Additionally, to lift the furniture, the professionals will hold the furniture at an angle so that where one person will hold the bottom and the other will hold the top, diagonally. This makes carrying the furniture more convenient.

  • Carrying the Chairs Through the Doorway

Professional removalists know how to carry the chairs safely through a narrow doorway. They basically turn the chair on the side so that it can easily be pushed through the doorway.

They first move the longer part out of the doorway and then curl it around the door frame, and they do it safely to avoid damages.

  • Shoulder Dolly to Move the Couch

Removalists use different procedures to carry the couch or the sofa to the transport truck and one such procedure is the shoulder dolly.

These are lifting straps that the removalists wear that distribute the weight of the couch equally to the lower body. The professionals attach an end of the strap to each end of the couch and then lift it using the lower body muscles and conveniently place it to the transport truck.

  • Sliding the Furniture

The cheap removalists in Perth always slide furniture rather than dragging them because in this way carrying them becomes more convenient and there is less chance of damages.

To slide them, however, the professionals use towels, blankets, and sometimes even Frisbees that make the moving easier.

  • Packing the Furniture with Appropriate Materials

To protect the furniture from dents or collisions, the movers pack the furniture with the best materials that include plastic, blankets, and cardboards. Furthermore, to protect them from rain, the professionals always park their car in front of the main entrance as this helps them to quickly place the furniture without getting them drenched in the rain. Also, if the distance is less, the professionals have to give less effort in carrying the items on the truck.

  • Disassembling the Furniture

Some items like sofas, beds, etc. can be disassembled so that they can be carried easily. So, the Perth furniture removalists read the manual and disassemble the furniture to make space for other items. In disassembling also makes it easier to pack them in small boxes and then carry them away.

  • Using Ramps

To move the heavy furniture up or down easily, the removalists might use metal ramps.

They will attach the ramps near the transport truck or in front of your doorway to save them from impacts.

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