How to Move Large Appliances without a Hitch?

Some devices or appliances require a little more attention than others. You need to take extra precaution when shifting them from one location to another. Plus, like it or not; you will also find some very old (and heavy) appliances having mould and mildew present; which you have to clean up properly before making attempting to move them.

Most modern-day appliances are easily detachable like the glass dish in your microwave unit. In such cases, you need to pack the separated items properly (and keep track of what box contains what). The bottom line is it is difficult and managing them perfectly is just a little out of your expertise.

Cost is another thing to keep in mind. The last thing you want is to spend on the safe removal of your large appliances and cause damage to it in the process. And eventually, spend more to compensate for the damage happened.

Hiring Pros for your Large Appliances is the Answer!

hiring pros

Before handling any of your large appliances, professional removalists in Perth will inspect your home and determine the right way to plan the shifting. Here are some real-time examples that will make you understand how they make the difference!

Your Washing Machine

These experts will either request you to clear out the laundry load and empty the whole machine hose. This means drying out the whole machine and once it’s done; these pros will unplug its wire. They will tape the wire and attach it with the machine and to understand the best way to shift it; they will even go through the instruction manual.

washing machine removal

When packing the appliance with bubble wraps inside large sized boxes, these professionals will also put the laundry basket, tub and all its washing accessories/parts properly. After sealing the box with duct tapes, these pros will even label/mark it to remember what’s inside.

Your Microwave Unit

The microwave is an important removal item, and these professionals will clean and dry the unit, remove its plate wrap it in paper and store it inside their storage boxes. Then the rest of the detachable parts will also receive the same Clean-Dry-Pack treatment.

microwave removal

Since some parts of your microwave are fragile, these pros will also provide it with extra cushioning to safeguard it from accidental damages. Once the packing is complete, the box will be marked (again) to keep track!

Fridge Removing

These pro removalists will detach the unit from the electrical source and when carefully cover it with plastic sheets before boxing it up. Once that is done, they will use their experience to deport the fridge to their heavy-duty trucks. They will even pack up all its detachable trays, storage boxes and even ice-makers separately.

fridge removal

One word of advice is, you should defrost your unit at least a couple of days before your moving day. Plus when defrosting, do remember to keep the door open as it quickens the defrosting process.

Capping Off

The great thing about hiring top relocation companies in Perth is that they have all the necessary packing boxes and tools needed to make the relocation smooth and hassle-free.

They will bring along plastic sheets, duct tapes, bubble wraps and even lifting equipment to prevent any scrape or damage to your expensive appliance. If you have heaps of heavy appliances and are planning to move out soon; then you should get in touch with a trustworthy agency with plenty of field experience and an impressive client satisfaction record.

That’s The Best Way to Ensure Your Move Day is carried out without Hitches.