How to Pack Your Pool Table for a Safe & Hassle-Free Move?

If your pool table is a one among your treasured possessions, you would surely want to take it to your new home as a companion. Whether you are moving locally or interstate, relocating a pool table has always been a challenge due to its weight, delicacy and shape. While some homeowners take the plunge of moving pool table on their own, experts always recommend taking professional help to make relocation effortless and stress-free. Moreover, dismantling, packing and shipping pool table isn’t a job of a layman. However, if you are relocating within a short distance, follow these expert-recommended tips to move pool table without a hassle.

Dismantling Pool Table-Tips to Follow

Pool tables aren’t something to be moved in a single piece. Luckily, they are designed in a way by which you can dismantle the parts easily and transport in moving trucks without a worry. Before you start off, make sure you have these three things at your disposal:


Disassembling and packing a pool table isn’t an overnight job, it’s time-consuming and tedious too! Make sure you have sufficient time while dismantling it, otherwise you may end damaging your pricey possession.


When it comes to dismantling a pool table, make sure you have 2-3 physically fit people by your side to assist you. Pool tables are heavy and fragile. A slight mistake can lead to irreversible damages to your treasured possession, so pay close attention while executing the task or hire a professional removalist in Wangara to assist you.

Tools & Materials

To disassemble, set up or move a pool table, you need to equip yourself with these following tools and equipment.

  • Staple remover.
  • Bunch of flathead screwdrivers.
  • Drill machines.
  • Safety eye gear.
  • Resealable plastic bags.
  • Packing tapes.
  • Bubble wraps.

Packing a Pool Table-What All It Takes for a Safe Delivery?

Pool tables should be packed carefully for seamless delivery to the destination. Mishandling or improper packing can cause damage during transit and make you repent for a lifetime. Get hold of sufficient bubble wraps to cover the pockets, balls and accessories and label the boxes containing these contents for easy identification.

Hire Professional Removalists for Hassle-Free Move

Last but not the least, professional removalist in Wangara can assure you of safe and damage-free shipment of pool table and relieve you from unwanted worries. Dismantling, packing, lifting and loading pool table is time-consuming and laborious but experts can make it a breeze using cutting-edge skills, resources and industry experience. So why bear unwanted stress when you can get it done in a jiffy?

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