Moving Elderly Parents into Your New Home? Some Points to Ponder

When you are moving your elderly parents from their native place to your new home, the entire process could be a bit challenging. Being an adult and responsible person, you have to ensure that the entire moving should go smoothly by keeping pace with the finances and logistics. Here are the few steps to ensure the moving process a bit easier and adaptable to elderly. So, here you go!

Be Transparent to Talk and Hear Your Parent’s Preference

talk to parents

While leaving the previous place, it could be emotionally degrading for parents. So, while talking to your aging parents about the move, it could be bit tough to listen to grieve and make them known (rather convince) to where they are moving. Make their mind convinced that their transition is going to be smoother and they will be getting the same love and care after moving to your place.

It’s All about Planning


Before you begin the sorting and organising the process, efficient planning would help you to get a visual of what they can do in reality. It is to determine what rooms need to be furnished or whether you need to renovate the room for further expansion. You may seek the help of Warwick movers, who would ship all valuables or necessary furnishing items from the native place to your current place.

A Get Together with Relatives and People Around Your Native Place

get together with relatives

It may not be that easy for you to call your relatives and your parent’s neighbours on your own. Seek the help of other family members to participate in this activity. Upon asking others for gathering and bid the good bye from will be a way to show them the care and respect you do for them. It will help the elderly to fight the mental stress.

Declutter and Organise the Valuables

declutter and organise valuables

Moving your elderly parents is not only about giving them the new destination but also about cut back the unnecessary items. Budget removalists in Perth may help you to categorise the object to make the packing and labelling easier for you. With proper labelling and packing, you could ask movers to stack items accordingly in the vehicle. For example, sensitive items will be kept on the top of the hardy items. Ask your parents to join the labelling and packing process, as the items are not only valuables, they are memories!

Clean and Repair the Fittings and Fixtures

repair fittings

As soon as you’re done with packing and decluttering, few more things are there to be done. For example, set the old place for sale or you may handover the property to your relatives. It would be a profitable way to keep the property maintained for long. However, before leaving, make sure the house is clean and amenities are in good condition for next residents, as it appeals buyer more.

A professional removalist would be the reliable option to take a swift move. Movers have their special equipment to load, unload items and deliver the valuables to the destination with care. Be it the vehicles for shipping or equipment, like a dolly to move items across the floors; all such facilities you would find at professional movers. They even pack items keeping the safety measures in mind.

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