Some Expert Tips on Removal during the Time of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the general SOPs for removalists throughout Australia and the world. But as a client, you will need to take the right precautions and follow the safety guidelines as well that are given by the government. So, if you are based in Lansdale or Wangara, we have some expert tips for you that you can follow to stay safe during the removal in this time of Covid-19.

Before the move

Prior to the relocation follow these steps to protect yourself from the virus.

Asking Questions to the Company Related to Moving

Before you book the services, talk to your removalist in Lansdale about the safety measures that they will take during the process of the relocation. Reputed movers always follow all the safety guidelines and will tell the measures that they take during the job. Nevertheless, you should ask all questions related to Covid-19 such as wearing masks and protective gear, procedures that they will follow if any of their professionals test positive for the virus, etc.

Getting an Online Quote

Due to global lockdowns many businesses have partially closed their offices but are carrying out their businesses online. So, you need to get a quote online. Moreover, avoiding the meeting in person reduces the risk of virus transmission. You can also call up the removalist company and specify your requirements depending on which they will tell you the quote over the phone or might even send you an e-mail.

Sanitisation Procedures During the Removal

During the removal, the professionals will need to adhere to strict safety guidelines. So, ask them about how they will sanitise your belongings, the sanitisation solutions that they will use, etc. because using the right disinfectant solutions is the key to eliminating the virus.

During the move

During the relocation, you need to follow these to stay safe.

Maintain Physical Distancing

When the removalist in Wangara arrives for the relocation, you will need to maintain physical distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. In fact, this has become an international protocol now. You will need to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet. However, recent studies are suggesting that 6 feet of physical distancing are not enough to prevent the spread as the virus can travel more than the mentioned distance through droplets in the air.

Wear a Mask

Wearing the mask is a must to protect yourself from getting infected as the mask blocks the droplets from entering your nose. And you must wear the mask during the removal because during the procedure dust particles can float freely in the air along with the droplets where the coronavirus might be present.

Wash your hands

Washing your hands will kill the droplets containing the virus that might have accumulated in your skin during the removal. And to do so you can use a good soap or an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Finally, to find a reputed removalist company that follows these protocols, search the internet with the keyword removalist near Osborne Park which will give you the list.

Call Us for Safe Removals Following All Safety Protocols

If you are searching for a removalist in Wangara that follows all the Covid-19 safety protocols, Perth Cheap Movers is the name on which you can bank upon. Our removalists always follow the safety guidelines to stay safe and keep you protected while providing the service with care. So, if you wish to move, give us a call now.