Steps You Should Never Miss Out While Moving House – Part 2

In the previous part of the blog, we have discussed about some minor yet crucial steps that you often miss out while moving house. In this part, we are going to mention some more steps in the same aspect and also highlight the potential consequences of forgetting these steps.

Not Applying for the Change in the New Address

not applying for the change in the new address

A lot of people miss out the necessity of using for a change in their address. However, it is quite crucial as missing out this step will cause you a lot of difficulties in the end. The critical documents that were supposed to arrive via postal delivery will not reach to you. Therefore, as soon as all the formalities with the new location are confirmed, you should apply for a change in the address.

Forget to Get the Gadgets

forget to get the gadgets

A few electrical appliances such as chargers, phones, iPads, laptops along with the others like power banks utilised for frequent personal usage are often kept at bay while packing. However, unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of leaving these gadgets behind and forgets it. Well, the only way to avoid it is by keeping track of these items separately. Label a box and include the names of all such gadgets in it so that it does not miss your eyes. The chances of forgetting these things will be reduced automatically.

Leaving with Used Utensils in the Kitchen Sinks

leaving with used utensils in the kitchen sinks

Don’t make such a mistake, especially when you are leaving the house at the end of the lease. If your landlord makes a note of it, you will end up losing your claim on the bond money that you were about to receive. Moreover, it is one of the responsibilities of homeowners before a move to inspect thoroughly. Therefore, run your eyes all over the kitchen and cupboards to make sure you are not leaving anything back that was last used by you. The similar rule goes for the already cut pouches and packets.

Involve in the Packing Process All by Yourself

involve in the packing process all by yourself

Don’t make a mistake if you are shifting the place for the first time. Call up a few friends or relatives to make sure you are not alone. It is not only about the physical stress, but you will be facing a lot of mental stress too while packing alone. Order some pizza for your friends and turn this stressful task to something fun.

Not Making Booking on Time

not making booking on time

If you have already decided to call up professionals, it is better that, you do it as fast as possible. Notably, during holidays and weekends, it becomes hectic to find out a company that will provide you with removal services. Call them up and start getting the quotes accordingly.

Not Contacting with Any Storage Facility

not contacting with any storage facility

In the case you have large bulky furniture or too many items to be removed, it is an optimum necessity that you communicate any storage facility and book their space as soon as you can. If you fail to remove all the items in a single time, it will buy you more time to transport your things appropriately.

Ignoring the Need for Cleaning Before Moving Out

ignoring the need for cleaning before moving out

Have you thought of it? Well, it will cause you a great loss. Irrespective of the fact that whether you need to move at the end of lease period or selling it off, the house must be left neat and tidy. Consider appointing professional cleaning experts once your packing is done and all the boxes are kept aside for moving.

Keeping the Floor Dry

keeping the floor dry

Make sure there are no traces of water on the floor once the professionals of removals in Warwick come in. It is crucial to keep the floor dry and therefore keep a mop handy to reduce the chances of any tripping or accidents.

Accidentally Pack Things That Are Not Meant to Be Packed

accidentally pack things that are not meant to be packed

The moving professionals there follow a few ground rules. As the homeowner, you should know about these rules minutely. Ask for a handout that will tell you what you are not required to pack (e.g. inflammable material, gunpowder etc.) and keep it somewhere so that it does not miss your eyes in any way.

A little bit of negligence to this list may cause you a lot of loss. So, be attentive to the list and with the expert assistance and guidance coming from us, complete the entire moving process successfully.