Weekend Vs. Weekday – When Is The Best Time To Plan A House Move?

Planning a home move is not something like making a 2-minute noodle or taking a casual stroll in the park. It is always a daunting endeavour and at times can even prove to be one herculean task for most homeowners to manage themselves!

The only way to reduce the stress of a house move is having a proper plan, hiring competent removalist serving all across Perth and picking the best day and time of the week to execute the move. Of course; you can take it for granted that your appointed movers will always have their A-game on when helping you relocate your stuff. But, at times they may be occupied otherwise or prove more expensive than other days.

It is why choosing which day you want to execute your house move proves more important than you realise.

The Best & Worst Day of the Week to Relocate

Let’s start with those days which typically prove to be the worst in the week to execute a home move. Surprisingly it’s the Weekend or more precisely Friday-Sunday which you should avoid. Most homeowners get off from work during weekends. So typically, if they are planning to relocate, they think of executing it during their free time. And since that makes weekends a peak time for home relocation, professional movers and packers are booked up quickly for their service. They even tend to charge higher prices during such peak move days simply because the demand is high.

So, for your sake, try and avoid planning and executing your house move between Friday-Sunday as the cost of hiring professional movers will be slightly higher than usual.

Ideally, the best day of the week to relocate is between Monday –Thursday (Weekdays). As most people are at work, the demand for professional movers and packers will be less. And since they will be less busy on Weekdays, they are more likely to offer their services at a cheaper rate.

Another benefit of planning your move between Monday- Thursday is that you get the weekend to finish unpacking, organising and setting up your new place and preparing yourself for work the following week.

What About The Best Time Of The Day To Execute A Home Move?

If you’re ready to execute your home move on Weekdays, then you should know that the best time to do it is early morning roughly between 8 am – 10 am. Starting early means you get the benefit of cooler conditions as compared to the searing heat which follows later in the day.

This also makes it easier for your movers to carry out the task more comfortably efficiently and quickly.

So, look to start as early as possible, especially since moving can take a bit longer than anticipated.

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