Are You All Set for Relocation? Make Sure the Furnishing Items Are Safe

Whereas moving itself is no doubt a bothersome process, furnishing items are prone to damage during the move. Be it study tables, bookshelf or antique pieces to beautify your surroundings, they often represent the pride of homeowners from generation to generation. Hence, anyone would love to give proper wrapping and protection to the wooden furniture prior to the moving day.

Many people think of moving furnishing items on their own, but sometimes, a lot of simple mistakes take place that causes damage to the products. So, in this blog, you will be introduced to some tips to protect and move wooden furniture.

Make Your Furniture Ready for Loading and Unloading

make your furniture ready for moving

No doubt, you want to protect your furniture to keep it damage-free when moving into a new space. So, make sure these points are being maintained-

  • Protect Delicate Wooden Furniture with Padding: When it comes to secure delicate wooden furniture with layers of tapes or soft pads, never think that you’re overprotecting it. Wrap every exposed part of the wooden furniture with tape, and wrap it for multiple times, if the corners are too sharp to harm other items.
  • Secure the Drawers and Take out the Small Delicate Items: Some wooden items that are antique pieces and equipped with smaller parts like knots, screws sometimes come out or get loosen over the time. So, instead of losing the attached part, take away the parts like handles, and casters and keep them in a secure place. A zip lock bag would be a great saviour in this case. Moreover, if the drawers or cabinets are not closing properly, secure them with twine and never use tape to shut the wooden drawers.
  • Dismantle the Furniture and Provide Padded Protection: Whereas handles, legs and corners are all overhanging parts of the furniture, they easily come into contact with other objects around. Hence, it is necessary to remove handles and legs followed by a layer of protection with padding.
  • Spare Wrapping the Wooden Furniture with Plastics or Bubble Wrap: Whereas wooden furniture is made of organic material, it needs to breathe. When you wrap furnishing material with bubble wrap, it damages the wood surface drastically. So, why don’t you place a layer of blankets or pads to prevent the direct contact between the plastic and wood? It would act as an extra line of defence, without damaging the wood surface.

Place the Furniture Right Way on Moving Truck

place furniture the right way on moving truck

As soon as you’re done with wrapping and packing and, the next thing you will be dealing with is loading furniture into the moving truck.

  • Better Assistance: Opt for professional removals in and around Joondalup who are equipped with tools and have sufficient work force to move your wooden furniture and other furnishing items properly on the moving day. Avoid sliding wooden furniture across the floor to prevent damage.
  • Smooth Moving Across the Floor: Make use of a dolly to move and load heavy items from your home to the moving truck. Professional movers come with all such necessary tools that you shouldn’t miss.
  • Stack Items Carefully: Never stack heavy items on the top of the delicate items.
  • Secure Items in Vehicles: Tie down large wooden items to the truck that prevent fall over. You may lie them down and twine with vehicle parts to securely position them.

Whereas it is required to be cautious while furnishing items are being unloaded, hire cheap furniture movers in Perth to do packing and moving in a proper manner. This, in turn, ensures all your furnishing items reach your new destination without any damage.

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